Sunset - The Endless Horizon

An Original Oil Painting
Denton Lund

Sunset - The Endless Horizon
Copyright 1999©Denton Lund
All Rights Reserved

20" x 30"

"When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in worship of the Creator."

Mahatma Gandhi

They came,
Wagons, too heavily loaded,
These pioneers with courage, and purpose,
So unprepared for what lay ahead.

Spirits high as they began,
With oxen, mules and horses,
The weather, always a challenge, yet
Thoughts of westward homes,
Dark, rich soil,
Just aching for the plow.

Men and women, some with little ones,
With dreams of homes,
With Porch swings and gardens.

They Came,
Some to flee oppression,
Some seeking a fresh start,
Some looking for the wide open space
Only the frontier could offer.

Walking day after day,
Some pushing handcarts,
Others driving wagons,
Loaded with all they owned.
Onward they walked,
slapping varieties of insects,
Always moving west.

Tiring, always hungry,
Sometimes hot, other times freezing.
New graves dug along the way,
Some for the young,
Others for the older,
Each left behind on these trails of tears.

Impossible terrain,
Yet with wagons and carts,
They came,
Pressing on with songs on their lips,
Prayers in their hearts,
And an un-matched courage,
That planted one foot in front of the other,
No matter what.

These are they who settled the west.
They who built the settlements,
Raised their families and blazed the trails,
For others to follow.

These Settlers, these mighty pioneers
Carved into this nation,
Its heart,
Based on hope, faith and courage.
These God fearing, and driven people,
Magnified their principles
Of freedom and liberty,
Which still echo across this land.

For their perseverance,
Their need to build and progress,
To raise their families in peace and faith,
And with righteous values,
We owe them our gratitude,
And always to remember them.

May we follow their examples,
Drinking from their cup of courage,
Traveling that path of righteous living,
And may we do, all that we do,
For God, Family and Country.

James O’Brien
July 2009

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