Gifts for Pandora

An Original Oil Painting
Denton Lund

Gifts for Pandora - Denton Lund Oil Painting
Copyright 2000©Denton Lund
All Rights Reserved

In Greek mythology, Pandora, often called "the first woman on earth", was created by the gods and sent to earth with a jar full of evils (it was later referred to as a box - Pandora's Box) as a retaliation. Prometheus had stolen the blessing of fire from the Olympian gods and had given it to humankind. One myth says that Pandora was presented a box that contained blessings from the gods. Carelessly, she opened the box and all the blessings were released, except for one - Hope. Another account states that Pandora was given a final gift - a jar that she was forbidden to open - and out of curiosity, she opened it.

Denton's painting, Gifts for Pandora, presents Pandora enjoying the gifts she was given by the Olympian gods during her creation. Athena clothed her and taught her needlework and the weaving of webs; the Graces adorned her with gold jewelry; Apollo taught her music; and the Seasons crowned her with fragrant flowers. Gifts for Pandora depicts the enchanting Pandora dreamily spinning silvered moonwebs, oblivious to the gleaming golden jar and the elegantly embroidered box nearby.

Available as a jigsaw puzzle from SunsOut

Gifts for Pandora has been published as 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle by SunsOut, Inc. The finished size is 19" x 30"

Licensed by Applejack Art Licensing

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