Carousel Dancer

From an Original Oil Painting
Denton Lund

Carousel Dancer Limited Editon Print
Copyright ©Denton Lund
All Rights Reserved

Limited Edition Print
Edition Size: 950

Carousel Dancer was published by the artist in 1991 and is available in limited edition prints . The original oil painting was sold to a private collector. Once the painting was completed, Sandra Lund wrote a short story called Carousel Dancer's Dream.Just as Pinnochio wanted to become a real boy, Carousel Dancer was a wooden carousel horse who wanted to become a real horse. The old man, Hawkins, was incorporated into the story as a lonely caretaker at an amusement park who spends winter evenings talking about the old times to the carousel horses, never knowing that they understand every word. In time, Carousel Dancer does become real and the painting is a rendering of the transformation from being wooden to becoming real.

From the story:
"As her awareness grew, her transformation became more rapid. Carousel Dancer felt as though she was leaping across a deep chasm from one world of reality into another world of reality, which was vivid and alive with color. She felt a real heart beating within her and blood rushing throughout her body. She felt what had once been painted wood become covered with a coat of golden hair. She felt muscles in her legs filled with the desire to run. She opened and closed big brown eyes that were eager to see the light of her new world."

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