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Denton Lund Fine Art
Usage Rules and Requests

1. We do permit the use of some of the art images for non-commercial and personal websites. Commercial use of the art must be addressed to his licensing agent, Applejack Art Partners. None of the art images are to be sold or redistributed.
2. Please add the artist's name and copyright symbol on the image(s) you wish to use or the copyright text somewhere on the page: Copyright by Denton Lund - All Rights Reserved.
A link back to the Denton Lund Fine Art website would be most appreciated.

Please use the URL: If you wish to use a logo, use either the large or the small logo shown above.
3. We know that in the designing for graphics, the original art is changed somewhat, but do not add items that alter the original image dramatically. We know that frames, sparkles, softening edges, etc. are sometimes used and that's fine. If in doubt, email us.

We had an occasion where someone actually created an object in the web image that was not created by the artist, although it appeared as if the object was part of the artist's creation. An example would be adding a necklace on the computer image that is not present in the original painting.
4. Please do not use images that are right click coded. Some of these are works in progress and we will remove the coding when the painting is complete and the image has been updated.
5. Please do not post images on image exchange sites such as "web shots" without permission. Only one individual has requested and received permission to do this from us. Many people write to us and tell us that they've seen an image on "web shots" and we've discovered that most have been placed there without permission.
6. We are no longer giving permission for e-cards using Denton Lund art images.
7. Please do not use the images on websites that promote hate, fear, abuse of people or animals, or pornography.

A Thank You Note!

We thank you for your interest in the art images of Denton Lund and we would be delighted if you would share some of your own work using the art images with us. Some of the work that we have seen by web designers using PSP and other programs has been stunning and truly an art in itself. For those who have received permission and shared their work with us, we thank you for utilizing Denton's art with beauty and tastefulness and for honoring it so wonderfully.

If you have any questions or concerns with any of the requests above, please email us.

Warm Regards,

Sandra J. Lund
Site Maintenance

For Link Exchanges

1. We do enjoy link exchanges with art related sites, with other artists, with designers who have received permission to use art images from Denton Lund, and with some sites that we find enjoyable or informational. We always review the site first before adding a link.
2. To link to the Denton Lund Fine Art site, please use either one of the two logos above or a text link:

Denton Lund Fine Art - An online gallery of fine art oil paintings featuring western, wildlife, Native American and visionary themes.

Denton Lund Home Page Denton Lund Home Page

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