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Morten E. Solberg
Morten Solberg Morten E. Solberg
Nature expressed whimsically and magically

William Hagerman Art
William Hagerman William Hagerman
Realistic oil paintings of the American landscape

Original Art by Ioan Popei Ioan Popei
Hand painted religious icons on wood and abstract oil paintings - ROMANIA

Pip McGarry - International Wildlife Artist
Pip McGarry - International Wildlife Artist Pip McGarry
One of Europe's Leading Wildlife Artists - UK

The Art of S.L. Kostura
The Art of S.L. Kostura The Art of S. L. Kostura
Stunning Pencil and Pastel Portraits Art Studio - Nick Sarazan
Art Studio Sarazan - Nick Sarazan Nick Sarazan
Contemporary collection of watercolour and oil paintings, landscapes and surreal cityscapes.

Blaze Warrender
Blaze Warrender Blaze Warrender
Art that Heals - Australia

Kathy Morrow Studio
Kathy Morrow Studio Kathy Morrow
Paintings rich in color and graphic precision

The Wildlife & Nature Art of
Melanie Fain
Melanie Fain A Window to the Natural World

Richard Maitland - Artist
Richard Maitland - artist Richard Maitland
Oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings - "romantic and at times surreal"

Mekdam Nima - Oil Painting on Canvas
Mekdam Nima - Oil Painting on Canvas Mekdam Nima - OIL PAINTING ON CANVAS
Mekdam's inspirational "Oil Painting on Canvas"
is the art of love; loving life, people, and landscape. CANADA

Wildlife and Nature Photography by one of Manitoba's finest!

Phil Sonier - Photography
Photography by Philip J. Sonier Philip J. Sonier
MOMENTS FROM NATURE - Wildlife, western, scenic photography

Mike Elliott - Artist
Mike Elliott - Artist Mike Elliott
Artist in Watercolor, Oils and Mixed Media. A Specialist in Bushman studies and
the wildlife of Africa and Europe with a special focus on rare and endangered species

Doug Harrington -
Doug Harrington - Doug Harrington
Experience the "Art of Infinity"

Carousel and Rocking
Carousel and Rocking Carousel and Rocking Horse. com
Atlanta artists, Melissa O'Shields and Laurence Bridges create beautiful rocking colts.
Every detail is hand carved and accented with 24 karat gold leaf .

Ron Barsano
Ron Barsano
The Art of Ron Barsano - NM

Constantine Kansky
Constantine Kansky Fine Art Gallery Constantine Kansky - Contemporary Romanticism
Fantasy Painting and Graphics Gallery - RUSSIA

Enfield Fine Arts - Brad T. Enfield
Enfield Fine Arts Brad T. Enfield
Enfield Fine Arts - Wildlife, Landscapes, Sculpture

Shane Rickman - Celestial Art The Celestial Art of Shane Rickman
"I paint to inspire, to wake the spirit from its slumber
and to remind myself of the splendor and beauty of life."

Janet Flinn - Original Bird Art - AU
Janet Flinn Janet Flinn
Australian Bird and Wildlife Art

Lynn Thorpe - Oil Paintings
Lynn Thorpe - Oil Paintings Lynn Thorpe
The power of abstraction in composition

Lee Goodall-Contemporary Artist
Lee Goodall - Contemporary Artist Lee Goodall - Contemporary Artist
Giclée Art Prints for Sale

Gina Mikel Illustration
Gina Mikel - Illustrations Gina Mikel
Illustrator, artist, wildlife artist, botanical artist, bird artist, nature artist, scientific illustrator

Bob Patterson - Master ArtistBob Patterson Bob Patterson
38 Fine Art Galleries

Ridgeway Art
Jeff Ridgway The art of Jeff Ridgway

Michael Forsberg Photography
Kenneth Gustafsson Michael Forsberg Photography
Wildlife and nature photographs

Sue Dickinson Sue Dickinson - Wildlife Art
Original art, wildlife prints, postage stamps - AFRICA

Augusto Bordelois Augusto Bordelois Fine Art
Artist, illustrator, writer - creator of The Art Fix

Kenneth Gustafsson
Kenneth Gustafsson Kenneth Gustafsson
Oil, computer art, and watercolor paintings - SWEDEN

Johanna Pieterman
Johanna Pieterman - Mystical Art Johanna Pieterman
Mystical Art and Fantasy Portraiture - SCOTLAND

Magda Francot
Magda Francot Magda Francot
Fine Symbolic Art & Portraiture - BELGIUM

Portraits by Joseph
Toshi Joseph Dea
Photos turned into frameable fine art portrait
paintings on canvas.

Madiot -
Annick Ploquin dit Madiot Annick Ploquin dit Madiot
Artist, painter and portraitist - CANADA

Martin h Coohill - Wildlife Artist - UK
Martin h Coohill - Wildlife Artist Martin H. Coohill
Exceptional wildlife oil paintings and sketches - UK

Ron Bang - Israel
Ron Gang Ron Gang - Kibbutz Urim, Israel
The light, color and spirit of Israel's Negev Desert

Bear Creations
Bear Creations Betsy Bear
Paintings, prints, notecards, beading , quilting

Artauro - Artist and Restorer
Artauro - Artist and Restorer Thomas Herrman
Artist and Restorer (Paintings & Furniture)

Katja Turnsek - Custom Pet Portraits
Katja Turnsek Katja Turnsek
Hand Painted Custom Pet Portraits - SWEDEN

Bo Sigvardson - Artist and sculptor - Denmark Bo Sigvardson
Artist, sculptor, and editor of Avisen-avk - DENMARK

Carol Newbury Howe Carol Newbury Howe
Beautiful Wildlife Art - Online Gallery and Gift Shop

Verdun Galerie Verdun Fine Art
Abstract paintings and Greek sculpture
featuring the work of three brothers

Renee Grant Renee Grant
Pet portraits captured in oils forever

Francois Knopf
Francois Knopf Francois Knopf
Mysterious and beautiful paintings of animals and birds - SWITZERLAND

The Artwork of Susan Shimeld
Susan Shimeld The Artwork of Susan Shimeld
Wildlife Artist and Natural History Illustrator - UK

The Country Artist
Mike Knight The Country Artist
The fine art of Mike Knight - UK
David Welsh
David Welsh David Welsh
Oil paintings for sale - UK

Linda Paul Linda Paul Studio
Art Prints - Wall Art Murals - Original Fine Art Paintings

Burl Ford
Burl Ford Basketry Burl Ford
Native American Basketry

Artwork of Cathy Connolley
Cathy Connelly The Artwork of Cathy Connolley
Pen and ink and watercolors

Dutch Artist Jelke Dutch Artist Jelke
Artist Strange Work - Netherlands

Tim Prythero
Tim Prythero Tim Prythero
Miniature "one of a kind sculptures" recording "a moment in time."
The structures are amazing in their detail!

Latham Studios
Latham Studios Latham Studios
Wildlife & Nature Art - Karen, Rebecca, & Bonnie

Linda Ruhl
Linda Ruhl Linda Ruhl
Watercolor and oil artist

Allan Abaitus Fire Art by Allan Albaitis
The artwork of a twenty year veteran firefighter

Judy Schrader Judy Schrader
Wildlife Paintings. Realistic Oil Paintings of Wildlife, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Farm Animals, Flowers and Landscapes

Elizabeth LaChance Paintings
Elizabeth G. LaChance Elizabeth G. LaChance
Fine art gallery features original paintings.
Colorful Floral Paintings, Landscapes and Abstracts at affordable on-line prices.

Lesley Ann Hartman
Lesley Ann Hartman Lesley Ann Hartman
Exquisite paintings of Arabian Horses

David Paladin David Paladin
Visionary and Native American Art

Becky's Wildlife Art Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art
Photo-realistic illustrations and paintings
Kirk Patterson Kirk Patterson
Simple Life Wood Carvings

Beverley Peter Meyers Beverley Peter Meyers
Earthy palette, expansive composition

Gary Plummer - Sculpture
Gary Plummer - Sculpture & Furniture Gary Plummer
Sculpture and Turquoise Inlaid Furniture

Tara Hutton Gallery
Tara Hutton Tara Hutton
Original art capturing the essence of the Art Deco era!
Martin Ridley-Wildlife Artist
Martin Ridley The Wildlife Art of Martin Ridley
View how sketches, preparatory drawings and a gallery of wildlife paintings are developed
Sherry's Designs
H'Art of the Beast
Sherry's Designs Sherry's Designs
Art, prints and jewelry
Sondra Kay Neiman Sondra Kay Neiman
A Celebration of Wildlife in Art

Katrina Small Studios
Katrina Small Studio Katrina Small Studios
An artist who excells in fine art, illustration, web design, and illustration

Nature expressed whimsically and magically
John Kostura John Kostura
Clay and sketch art
Patrick Delorme
Patrick Delorme Patrick DELORME
French Visionary Artist
Tiziana Ciaghi Tiziana Ciaghi
Italian Landscapes and Castles in Acrylic
Hal Fielding Hal Fielding
Welcome to Abstract Art

To Gregg Murray Derek McCrea
Gregg Murray Gregg Murray
Wildlife Fine Art and Scratchboard
Derek McCrea Derek McCrea
Landscapes and Lighthouses

Fur n' Feather
Karen A. Parsons Karen A. Parsons
Pet portraits from photos - wildlife paintings

Bonnie's Art Gallery
Bonnie's Art Gallery Bonnie's Art Gallery
Southwest and Animal Portraits

Adele Art
Adele Alridge AdeleArt - Adele Aldridge
Fine art - web design - Wonderfully eclectic site

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